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China ICP Filing

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What is

China ICP Filing


The main purpose of ICP filing is to ensure the legality and standardized operation of the website or application. All websites or applications that provide services in China, whether owned by enterprises or individuals, are required to complete ICP filing. This registration enables the government to manage Internet content and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of users.

ICP registration is managed by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and includes necessary content such as website owner or operator information, server hosting information, etc. Only after the registration is completed, the website or application can provide relevant services in China.

For individuals or companies that operate websites or applications, completing ICP filing is an important part of legal operations. This is also a necessary process to ensure that Internet services operate in compliance with regulations in China. “

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ICP License

Help customers apply for the required ICP license for commercial websites, which covers any website offering goods or services to customers

ICP Filing

Assist individuals and enterprises to complete ICP registration with the Ministry of Industry and IT, so that their websites or applications can provide Internet information services in China.

Mobile APP ICP Filing

The registration process for mobile applications providing Internet information services in China ensures the legal operation of mobile applications

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